I got my online start in 2014 as a forex trader. Now 30 years old, I've built multiple six figure businesses and helped many people see financial success in this industry. I’m most known for my unmatched skill as a trader, mentor, and my relentless effort to bring transparency to the industry. I’ve been in e-commerce for about 2 years now, failing in the beginning like most, but ultimately coming out ahead and finding success. So far I’ve done over $3 Million in sales in 2019 alone. I am obsessed with perfecting whatever it is that I’m doing, e-commerce was no different.

My story is a little more unique than most. Being a high school dropout, I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Throughout the years I've worked all kinds of odd jobs, most notably at a gas station pumping gas and then at Walmart. It was while working at Walmart that I discovered trading the financial markets. I tried a couple groups and didn't learn much, frustrated with this I set out to teach myself. After a lot of trial and error I was finally a consistently profitable trader. I remember sneaking into the bathroom during my shift at Walmart to take trades on my phone.

I have no diplomas or degrees. I always tell people that if I can become successful online, anybody can. I love helping and mentoring people showing them what I've learned, basically giving them a shortcut to profits so they can skip all the trial and error I had to go through. I pride myself on easy to understand, straight to the point training and I look forward to sharing my success with you and helping you create your own success story!